About this item -Gold Leaf Flakes

Brand Goldz
Color Gold
Weight 50 Milligrams
Specialty 24K Pure Gold, Non Toxic

  • Genuine 24K Gold Leaf Flakes:】 goldz edible 24k gold flakes are made from pure and original gold leaf sheets with weight of 30mg. we are offering ★★PREMIUM QUALITY ORIGINAL GOLD LEAF FLAKES★★
  • Safe & Edible:】 goldz golden flakes are safe & edible, you can safely use it on any occasion/festival.
  • Best Match:】 For food makers and professional chefs.
  • Beauty Care :】 Pure gold leaf can promote skin metabolism, improve and beauty the skin.
  • Home Decoration:】 Perfect for interior design,arts and craft or metal gilding work, sculpture etc.
  • Food Decoration:】 edible gold flakes are perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, confectionery, chocolate, desserts,baking goods and cocktails.
  • Shop with confidence:】 Our 24 karat Gold Leaf is certified edible gold leaf. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • 【HANDLE WITH CARE 】We packed #BRIGHT #GOLD #LARGE #FLAKES in wide #Container to keep it #SAFE. ★Easy to take out★