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24K Edible Genuine Gold Leaf Flakes

24K Edible Genuine Gold Leaf Flakes

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Make a lasting impression with 24K edible genuine gold leaf flakes! Add an extra layer of decadence to any dish with 30mg of golden flakes that are sure to stand out. Perfect for cakes, chocolates, drinks, and more.

About this item

Brand Goldz
Color Gold
Weight 50 Milligrams
Specialty 24K Pure Gold, Non Toxic

  • Genuine 24K Gold Leaf Flakes:】 goldz edible 24k gold flakes are made from pure and original gold leaf sheets with weight of 30mg. we are offering ★★PREMIUM QUALITY ORIGINAL GOLD LEAF FLAKES★★
  • Safe & Edible:】 goldz golden flakes are safe & edible, you can safely use it on any occasion/festival.
  • Best Match:】 For food makers and professional chefs.
  • Beauty Care :】 Pure gold leaf can promote skin metabolism, improve and beauty the skin.
  • Home Decoration:】 Perfect for interior design,arts and craft or metal gilding work, sculpture etc.
  • Food Decoration:】 edible gold flakes are perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, confectionery, chocolate, desserts,baking goods and cocktails.
  • Shop with confidence:】 Our 24 karat Gold Leaf is certified edible gold leaf. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • 【HANDLE WITH CARE 】We packed #BRIGHT #GOLD #LARGE #FLAKES in wide #Container to keep it #SAFE. ★Easy to take out★
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    These edible gold sheets are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your culinary masterpiece. Garnish by sprinkling it on your desserts, or cover your delicious steak with a mesmerizing gold sheet to make them stand out. The shining gold touch is a fantastic sight of any cuisine.


    Popular for their applications in artists' works, the Edible Gold sheets provide a shiny and textured effect to any arts and craft project, Decorate statues, paintings, DIY art, and much more. Adding a gentle layer or two transforms ordinary objects into a glamorous piece of art.


    Using Edible Gold Sheets in a skincare routine can help promote healthier-looking and glowing skin. Apply it as a face mask and massage in gentle circular motions to remove wrinkles from the skin. Gold foil is also known to have reverse aging effects and photodamage from the sun.


    We have specifically developed these sheets from 24K Gold. Rub the sheets between your fingers and they will break into small bigs and then convert into the powder instead of disappearing. Our Gold Sheets are pure with minimal traces of other metals.


    The 24K Gold is so malleable that it is hammered into thin sheets to make them ideal for gliding picture frames, paintings, decorative architectural elements, and gourmet chocolates.


    We ensure that our product is non-toxic and does not have any health hazards on anyone. Our product does not include any specks of harmful chemicals of metals, making it entirely safe for usage in desserts and other dishes.


    These Gold leaves are entirely edible and odorless. They are considered to be inert, which means that they can easily pass through the human digestive tract without being absorbed.